Photo By Igor Perkovic
Turnjina Fort from Drniš

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Turnjina Fort from Drniš - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Whoever should reach the Drniš to even briefly looked at his eventful history, let be prepare to climb here... At only ten paces from The Turnjina tower, which the oldest Drniš settlement Gradina mark's as early as the Turks. Even now, as this Dalmatian high point falls into deepest silence of the abandoned time, we'll fight here for our breath. Becouse, it's the place from were the whole our view drown into the bottom of the Čikola canyon, and there enjoy in beautiful panorama of Petrovo polje. It was before, it will be after us.

Turnjina Fort from Drniš - FURTHER INFORMATION

Turnjina Fort from Drniš - Drniš visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Turnjina Fort from Drniš' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Šibensko-Kninska županija.

Drniška Gradina fort is an ancient ruin and tourist attraction in Drniš in Croatia. Perched on cliffs at the southwestern edge of the town, it offers dramatic views over the surrounding area including Peter's Field and the Čikole river and gorge. Drniška Gradina is the only remaining part of the fortifications that protected Bogočin-city, Kamičak, Ključica and Nečven.

Archaeological remains at Drniška Gradina date back to the Bronze Age, and the current ruins date from Medieval times when the Nelipić aristocratic Croatian family built the fort here as well as other defences. Gradina Turnjina fortress was used by the Turks but became oboslete in the 19th century and destroyed by Venetians. Today it remains a significant landmark and tourist attraction in Drniš.


Car: Drniš is at the junction of the 33 and 56 roads, 33km west of Šibenik, 25km south of Knin and 10km north of Ružić.
Train: Drniš Train station
Flight: Split Airport, 38km from Drniš.

Igor Perkovic - 24 May, 2011 10:24
You welcome. My pleasure is more 'couse it's my first published panorama after few years of shooting and collecting material around the Balkan area. And what mean's of course that I have more of these. You'll see...
Peter Watts - 21 May, 2011 12:23
Thanks for this lovely panorama from Drniš, the country side around here looks amazing.

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