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Dillon Pass in Badlands National Park

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Dillon Pass in Badlands National Park - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

360° Panorama from Dillon Pass in Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Dillon Pass in Badlands National Park - FURTHER INFORMATION

Dillon Pass in Badlands National Park - Badlands National Park visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Dillon Pass in Badlands National Park' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from South Dakota.

Dillon Pass is one of the panoramic viewpoints on Badlands Loop Road in Badlands National Park. The different strata of rock can clearly be seen, many of them rich in fossils. These strata, from newest to oldest, include:

  • Sharps Formation (28 to 30 million years) - wind, water and volcanic deposits forming the jagged peaks of many of the formations.
  • Rockyford Ash - the bottom layer of the Sharps Formation formed by volcanic ash.
  • Brule Formation (30 to 34 million years) - brownish formations from the Oligocene Epoch containing some paleosols (fossil soils) and sandstone from a time when the land was covered by prairie.
  • Chadron Formation (34 to 37 million years) - greyish deposits at the time when the seas retreated and temporary rivers flowed across the land. These deposits can contain alligator, titanotheres and other mamal fossils. The deposits have eroded into low, rounded mounds.
  • Yellow Mounds - lying below the Chadron Formation the Yellow Mounds were exposed during the uplift of the Rockies and formed of ocean mud.
  • Pierre
    Shale (69 and 75 million years) - oldest of the Badlands formations deposited during the Cretaceous Period when a large shallow ocean covered the Great Plains. These deposits contain many marine fossils, clams, ammonites, and sea reptiles.


Badlands National Park Headquarters
Ben Reifel Visitor Center
Badlands National Park
25216 Ben Reifel Road
PO Box 6
Interior, SD 57750-0006
United States
Phone: 1 (605) 433-5361


Car: Badlands National Park is south of I-90. If coming from the west, take exit 131 and follow the signs to the Northeast Entrance gate. If coming from the east, take exit 110 and follow signs to the Pinnacles Entrance of the park.
Bus: Greyhound services to Rapid City, and then hire a car.
Flight: Rapid City some 80 miles west of Badlands National Park and then hire a car.

David Viner - 31 May, 2011 15:38
Wow, the strata on that pano makes it look so much like those old software 3D terrain/landscape generators from several years back. Amazing!
Moleman - 29 May, 2011 02:28
Nailed it! I was standing on top of the trailer I was towing on a little cross country trip I recently took :)
Peter Watts - 28 May, 2011 11:35
Looks like you stood on the top of your car! Great shot - love the colours in this image.

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