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East Hill Cliffs at Hastings

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East Hill Cliffs at Hastings - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Virtual tour panorama showing a view along the East Hill cliffs on the Hastings coast. The cliffs continue east towards Balck Rock and Covehurst Bay. Panorama taken in May 2011.

East Hill Cliffs at Hastings - FURTHER INFORMATION

East Hill Cliffs at Hastings - Hastings visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'East Hill Cliffs at Hastings' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from East Sussex.

East Hill forms the eastern boundary of the Old Town in Hastings. From the top of the hill, in the nature park, there are dramatic views along the coast. From the bottom, near the breakwater at the end of Rock-a-Nore road there are good views along the cliffs, as shown in this picture.

Hastings Cliffs Geology and Fossils

The cliffs are made of sandstone, laid down when Hastings was at the bottom of a shallow sea during the the Early Cretaceous epoch, 139-143 million years ago. The top layer is Wadhurst Clay formation, below which lies a thin layer of Cliffend Sandstone. Below this is the bulk of the cliff, made of Ashdown Sandstone, with Fairlight clay exposed in places at the base.

The cliffs and foreshore of Hastings are fossil rich, with remains of various dinosaurs, pterosaurs and fish, and other creatures and vegetation from around 140 million years ago being found here.

Today, very few of the visitors bother with the geology, content to immerse themselves in the various tourist attractions and wonder along the beach. Care must be taken when exploring the base of the cliffs, both for danger of rockfalls and the sea, which reaches the exposed beach at high tide.


Road: Hastings is on the A259 17 miles east of Eastbourne and 51 miles west of Dover. It is 61 miles southeast of London.
Rail: Hastings Railway Station, St Leonards Warrior Square Rail Station.

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