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South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon

South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Virtual tour of the Grand Canyon. Taken hiking into the Grand Canyon, at a point just beyond the Staging Post on the South Kaibab Trail. The point in this picture is about an hour down the trail, and is a great place for contemplating the enormity of the canyon.

South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon - FURTHER INFORMATION

South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon - Grand Canyon visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Arizona.

The South Kaibab Trail is a popular walking trail into the Grand Canyon. Starting near Yaki Point on East Rim Drive, the trail quickly descends into the canyon from the start, winding down the cliff face to the famous Ohh-Ahh Point lookout before continuing down to the Staging Post, at the beginning of the Cedar Ridge, which has toilets.

For most walkers, this staging post is as far as they get. This picture is taken at the beginning of Cedar Ridge with O'Neill Butte dominating the foreground. The path continues down the eastern side of the ridge for another 40 minutes or so to Skeleton Point, the first place on the South Kaibab trail from which you can see the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Here the trail drops sharply down another cliff to the bottom of the canyon.


Bus: The South Kaibab Trail is accessed from the trail head on the southern rim. Either take a free shuttle bus from the Grand Canyon Village, or park at the end of the trailhead road and walk in (about half a mile)

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