Photo By Peter Watts
Cala Llosar

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This panorama shows the kind of place I love. Barren, rocky, quiet. What caught me here was the severe shapes in the rocks and the clear striations in the layers of the cliffs. This point near Cala Llosar was a fantastic place to relax a bit and watch the comings and goings of tour boats and other ships entering and leaving the port at San Antonio. The panoramic picture shows the sheer cliffs and miles of sea. Not a beach and few people in sight.


Cala Llosar - Ibiza visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Cala Llosar' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Balearic Islands.

Panorama from the rocky outcrop between Raco de sa Galera and Cala Llosar (Cala Llosá) on the north coast in Ibiza near to Sant Antoni de Portmany. The beaches in both these little coves is rocky and barren with little to no facilities to speak of. Hotel resort area with sandy beach this is definitely not. However, some people come down here to relax and bathe on the flat rocks in the area. The rocky shoreline is also popular with fishermen, and they can often be seen standing on the edge of the cliffs, as in this panoramic photograph. The nearest coves with beaches are Cala Gracio to the west and Cala Salada to the east.

In this panoramic photograph it you can also see the Punta de sa Galera, a long rocky outcrop extending into the sea on the other side of Cala Llosar, behind the fisherman wearing a red shirt. In the other direction lies Cala Salada. From this vantage point the hills on the far side of Cala Salada almost look like a man lying down with his feet towards the sea. These 'feet' are Sa Foradala, which rises to 87m, and which obscure the small island of Sa Illeta between Sa Foradala and Cala Salada. You can see this island if you zoom into the satellite image of the Google Map of Ibiza.


By Road: Take the PM-812 north from Sant Antoni (San Antonio) to Can Germa (can Germà) and San Galera.

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