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Bocage Square - Setúbal - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Panorama photographed on a cloudy spring day, at Bocage Square, one of the main arteries of the city of Setubal, in which it finds the statue of Bocage and the St. Julian church, which can be seen in image.

Bocage Square - Setúbal - FURTHER INFORMATION

Bocage Square - Setúbal - Setúbal visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Bocage Square - Setúbal' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Distrito Setubal.

Bocage Square is located in the Parish of St. Julian in Setúbal, Portugal. It is named after Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage, considered by many the greatest Portuguese poet of the 18th century who was born in Setubla on 15 September 1765. Free-spirited, rebellious and contentious, Bocage came irremediably in conflict with the authorities which ended up with him being arrested in 1797. Many of Bocage's works of Bocage were only published after his death in Lisbon on December 21, 1805.

The Square of Bocage was opened in 1871 and in it stands a 12m high Corinthian, white marble column on top of which is the Statue of Bocage. A statue of Bocage, is also found on one of Lisbon's oldest establishments, Café Nicola. This opened in 1787 in Rossio and quickly became a literary establishment often visited by the elite and intellectuals of the city, including Bocage.


Setúbal and Costa Azul Regional Tourist Office (Região de Turismo de Setúbal)
Travessa Frei Gaspar 10,
Apartado 73, 2901
Phone: 265 534 222 / 265 539 120


Road: Setúbal lies just south of the A2 / E1 about 50km southeast of central Lisbon and 40km from Almada. It is about 100km west of Evora.
Train: Setúbal Station, Praça do Quebedo‎ Station.
Flight: Lisbon Airport

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