Photo By Peter Watts
HMS Ark Royal at Greenwich - Middle of Flight Deck

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HMS Ark Royal at Greenwich - Middle of Flight Deck - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

There is a story behind the steps and stuff seen standing on the rear lift of the HMS Ark Royal's flight deck in this panorama. The gangways and stairwells of the HMS Ark Royal are very narrow. Like one person wide - just. And the doors are all ridged, heavy and likely to lead to people falling over. The best way for large numbers of visitors to get from the inside of the ship to the top of the flight deck is up one of the lifts. What they do is drop the lift half way and then use two sets of stairs to make a tiered ascent.

HMS Ark Royal at Greenwich - Middle of Flight Deck - FURTHER INFORMATION

HMS Ark Royal at Greenwich - Middle of Flight Deck - London visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'HMS Ark Royal at Greenwich - Middle of Flight Deck' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Greater London.

This panorama shows the view from the middle of the flight deck of the HMS Ark Royal. The picture was taken while the HMS Ark Royal lay moored on the River Thames in London off Greenwich Pier as part of the National Falklands 25th Anniversary Commemorative events in June of 2007. While most of Greenwich is obscured by the superstructure of the ship, there is a good view over the Isle of Dogs. There is a folded Merlin helicopter on the rear of the ship, and a Wasp helicopter on the deck towards the bow.

More information about the HMS Ark Royal is found on the panoramic picture of the flight deck, giving a unique view over Greenwich. Whilst the location pointer shows the place where the HMS Ark Royal was moored, there is no aerial photo of her on the satellite view of the Google map of London. There are also panoramas taken form the HMS Ark Royal's Bridge and the Interior of the Flight Deck

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