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The Swedish port of Trelleborg is the southernmost town in Sweden, located within Skåne County. It is the second largest seaport of Sweden after Gothenburg. Every year more than 10 million tonnes of cargo pass through Trelleborg. Trelleborg is considered to be a bridge connecting Scandinavia and continental Europe - for many it is a place to 'pass through' on the way elsewhere.

The earliest written record of Trelleborg is from 1257, when it was presented as a wedding gift from the Danish royal family to the Swedish Prince Valdemar. It was soon reconquered by the Danes, and it belonged to Denmark until 1658, when the Treaty of Roskilde gave Scania over to Sweden.

In medieval times, Trelleborg was important for herring fishing. At that time, this was conducted along the entire coast line of what is now Sweden. The herring shoals were of such great numbers that fishermen were said to have been able to stand on the shore and land fish with nets. Trelleborg became important as merchants from Germany came to trade herring.

At the end of the 19th century, Trelleborg became an industrial town and the foundation of modern Trelleborg has largely been created by a few large companies; most notably Trelleborg Industries and the ferry company and business related to the seaport.

Overlooking the harbour of Smygehuk near Trelleborg is a statue of a nude woman that was installed in 1930 – the model for which was none other than Uma Thurman's grandmother.




Ferry: from either Travemunde or Trelleborg on TT Line who provide 3 sailings daily. The crossing takes about 7.5 hours.

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