Photo By Peter Watts
Inverness from Leachkin

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Inverness from Leachkin - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Inverness lies far below in this panorama, which in the end became a study of gorse bushes in bloom in the rain. The saving grace in this picture is probably the bright yellow of the gorse flowers. The clouds obscure much of the valley in which Inverness sits.

Inverness from Leachkin - FURTHER INFORMATION

Inverness from Leachkin - Inverness visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Inverness from Leachkin' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Highland.

This panorama shows the view over Inverness from Kinmylies Way in Leachkin. High up in croft farmland above the south west of Inverness, this field promised to be a viewpoint over both Inverness and the surrounding countryside.

In the foreground, the golf course and some of the housing estates are visible. Beyond that lies the older parts of the city with distinctive church and cathedral spires, towers and architecture shaping the skyline. From here, one ought to be able to see the Inverness castle upon the hill at the center of the city, beneath it the archipelagos of "Ness islands" as the river meanders through the remnants of ancient forest (a beautiful recreational park at the west of the city). One ought to be able to see such sights, but not this day.

Leachkin is a typical crofting county landscape of fields predominantly homing livestock. As prime land for commercial development, less and less is retained for agricultural use as the necessity for housing forces the city to creep ever higher up this hill.


Ascend the road uphill marked for Craig Dunain and Leachkin from the Muirtown Locks on the western access to Inverness on the south bank of the Moray and Cromarty Firth. Continue uphill for 3 miles to access the field lands.

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