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Sacrilege 2012 - Inflatable Stone Henge

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Sacrilege 2012 - Inflatable Stone Henge - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Trying vainly not to bobble and wobble whilst balancing in the middle of the Sacrilege 2012 inflatable Stone Henge installation taking a hand-held panorama. It succeeded, kind of, but not without the inevitable alignment errors. Still, you get a good idea of what it looked like when standing in Burgess Park, London, during the 2012 Olympics in the brief gap between one group of happy bouncers and the next.

Sacrilege 2012 - Inflatable Stone Henge - FURTHER INFORMATION

Sacrilege 2012 - Inflatable Stone Henge - London visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Sacrilege 2012 - Inflatable Stone Henge' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Greater London.

Sacrilege 2012, the inflatable Stone Henge bouncy 'castle' is the brain-child of Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller. Built to scale, it is a life-size representation of the real Stone Henge near Salisbury in Wiltshire. The difference being that this one is mobile, fills with air and become an instant attraction with up to 100 people bouncing about on it at any one time (see the Sacrilege 2012 Stone Henge with people panorama). All the 'stones' are in the right places, to within about 3cm of the actual Stone Henge, and the 'sighting stones' stand around it holding the rope barrier in place. In all, this makes Sacrilege 2012 much more accessible than the real thing (except during the Solstice) and, probably, more fun.

People still do not know why this 4,000 yer old monument exists, but for the public enjoying the Sacrilege 2012 inflatable Stone Henge, this really is not a concern. This mobile 'art installation' takes a dedicated team around 4 hours to set up and about 2 hours to break down. It consists of 6 inflatable sections and needs about 10 air fans to maintain it. As described in the video below, it is enjoyed by all ages, with the oldest person so far bouncing on it being 91.


The Sacrilege 2012 inflatable Stone Henge is a mobile attraction. During the 2012 London Olympics it spent time in various locations around London.


This free tourist attraction moves to different places each day. See Sacrilege 2102 for the current tour dates.

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