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Cliffs near Cala Sa Nau

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Cliffs near Cala Sa Nau - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

After about 40 minutes, walk north from Cala Sa Nau passes along a cliff top with dramatic ocean views towards Porto Colom. At one point it was possible to carefully climb down nearer to sea level and take a panorama showing the waves pounding the rocks. All that was left was not to loose footing climbing back up again.

Cliffs near Cala Sa Nau - FURTHER INFORMATION

Cliffs near Cala Sa Nau - Mallorca visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Cliffs near Cala Sa Nau' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Balearic Islands.

From the cliffs just north of Cala Sa Nau there are good views of Porto Colom, and also inland towards the distant mountains of Mallorca. Pleasure boats and yachts can be seen leaving the port and sailing along the coast on a fine day. Some of these end up in Cala Sa Nau, while others head for the bays around Cala Ferrera or Cala d'Or. Below is a short video of the scene.

Other landmarks on the northern walk include the 'Sleeping Dragon' of Cala Sa Nau (noise made as water pushes are through the rocks), and a varied terrain with various salt-weathering patterns and changing flora along the clifftops.

Another walk heads out along the southern headland of Cala Sa Nau where there is a dramatic sea arch and weirdly weathered and pitted rocks. Back on the beach you can get a refreshing drink at the bar as well as enjoy swimming in the protected waters of the bay.


Car: Cala Sa Nau is about 4Km north of Cala d'Or and 12Km south of Porto Colom. It is 66Km from Palma and 16Km from Felantix. Free parking is available at the end of the lane (this becomes filled up very quickly) or in a fee-paying car park at the end of the lane. From there it is a short walk down steps to the beach.

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