Photo By Peter Watts
Hengistbury Head - Chrischurch Harbour

Hengistbury Head - Chrischurch Harbour - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

This panoramic picture was taken from the road which leads out along Hengitsbury Head towards the beach and beach huts at the far end. A 'Noddy Train' goes along here regularly to take people out. It takes about 30 minutes to do the walk on foot.

Hengistbury Head - Chrischurch Harbour - FURTHER INFORMATION

Hengistbury Head - Chrischurch Harbour - Christchurch visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Hengistbury Head - Chrischurch Harbour' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Dorset.

The northern side of Hengistbury Head slopes steeply down to Christchurch Harbour, ending in a boundary of salt marsh and reed beds. The habitats here are important for numerous birds who can often be found probing the mud at low tide. Much of the topography of this side of the head was moulded by extensive quarrying for ironstone found in the Upper Hengistbury Head during the 19th century. This destabilised the headland and also polluted the water.

The geology of the headland is described with the Hengistbury Head Cliffs panorama. Hengistbury Head now is a designated SSSI and attracts about 1 million visitors a year, exposing it to erosion from another source. Visitor management is increasing here, with various new paths built to try to protect the environment.

The path seen here continues along the base of Hengistbury Head to the sandy beaches at the eastern end that extend towards Mudeford, forming a narrow channel entrance to Christchurch Harbour. The beach is lined with very expensive beach huts. Another popular walk takes visitors past the Bronze Age double dyke earth defences up to the top of Hengistbury Head from which there are stunning views of much of the surrounding area.


Bus: Hengistbury Head Cafe
Car: From Christchurch take the B3059 south and turn left onto Bell Vue Road which runs along to the pay-&-display car park at the end. Free parking available on the approach road. From Bournemouth take the A35 and then B3059 to Bell Vue Road.

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