Photo By Peter Watts
Punaluu Beach Park

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Punaluu Beach Park (Black Sand Beach) is a good place to stop and break the journey from Kailua-Kona to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The beach is refreshing and good for swimming and snorkeling. There was a turtle lying on the beach here, you can just about make it out in the panoramic picture on the right side of the beach just at the shore line. These are protected animals and it is forbidden to touch them.


Punaluu Beach Park - Hawaii Island visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Punaluu Beach Park' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Hawaii.

Panorama taken at Punaluu Beach Park (Black Sand Beach). The black sand at this beach is made from the shock of lava coming into contact with the water causing sudden cooling and fragmentation of the rock. There area pahoehoe lava flows here as well.

Travel and Getting There:
Punaluu Beach Park lies on the Southern edge of Hawaii Island between the small towns of Na'alehu and Pahala, about 20 miles from South Point.

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