What Panoramic Earth can Offer You

Panoramic Earth has become a world recognized site with thousands of images and thousands of visitors each day. For the panoramic photographer we offer excellent exposure and promotion of their work. We also have a few ways in which people can earn some income through the addition of panoramic images and selling of virtual tours.

Site Partners

Site Partners are those who have shown dedicated commitment to the project. More than simply uploading images, a Site Partner has take full ownership of the around their images. Site Partners will earn a percentage of the profits from on-page advertising (Google ads) proportional to the number of locations they have created. To become a Site Partner you must:
  • Add over 40 panoramas to Panoramic Earth (see the Photographers and Add Panorama pages for more information).

  • Provided good write-ups for the locations as part of the 'Further Information' section. This can be in either English or another language. We welcome translations into other languages, they are incorporated into the site, as shown on the Cal├žada Portuguesa na Avenida page.

  • Have the option of being nominate a Local Representative for your region prior to making sales (see below).

  • Will be added to our list of recommended panoramic photographers for those seeking services in your area.

Local Representative

Local Representatives are those who sell our virtual tour hosting services within their local area. These individuals do not have to be panoramic photographers themselves. The Local Representative will:
  • Earn 25% of the original sale as commission, payable after 3 clients have signed up.

  • Earn 15% of the renewal commission if the client remains with the site after the first year.

  • Will be listed on our Representatives Listing page once they have secured 3 sales.

  • Will receive support in developing their local Marketing Plan and promotion within Panoramic Earth.

  • Site Partners have the option of being listed as a Local Representative before making sales

At the end of the day, the more you put into this, the more you are likely to get out. We recognize that at the beginning it may mean a lot of effort for little return. However, past experience has shown up to 90% renewal rate year on year for clients featured on our tours, so after the first year you may begin to see much more reward for the time you have put in.


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