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Sidama is a region in Ethiopia, on the horn of Africa. Sidama is in the Ethiopian Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR). The name comes from the Sidama people, whose homeland is located in the region. As a geographical entity, Sidama is bordered on the south by the Oromia Region fro the most part, and Gedeo for a short stretch. The western edge is defined by the Bilate River, which seperates if from Semien Omo. To the north and east is the Oromia Region. The administrative center for Sidama is Awasa and other significant towns include Awasa, Irgalem, and Wendo. This map of Sidama shows the location of 360° panoramas that have been taken by various different photographers and travellers who have visited Ethiopia. Each panoramic image or picture is accompanied by some local and travel information providing an expanding guide to some of the places of interest.

Recent Local Panoramas

Looking To Suilven
Looking To Suilven / Glencanisp
Path To Suilven
Path To Suilven / Glencanisp
Path Towards Suilven
Path Towards Suilven / glencanisp
Glencanisp To Suilven Path
Glencanisp To Suilven Path / Glencanisp
Suileag Bothy
Suileag Bothy / Glencanisp
Suileag Bothy Interior
Suileag Bothy Interior / Glencanisp
Rooftops And Lane Ullapool
Rooftops And Lane Ullapool / Ullapool
West Lane Ullapool
West Lane Ullapool / Ullapool

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