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Luzon - Introduction

Luzon is the largest island in the Philippines, a country in the southeast part of Asia. The island is the most populous and politically important in the Philippines, and the location of the capital of the country, Manila. As well as being an island, Luzon is also the name given to an island group in the country.

Luzon Island Group Map and Panoramas

This map of the Philippines shows the regions and areas in the Luzon island group where we have beautiful 360 panoramas taken around the country. Simply select a pin on the Google map. There you will be able to explore the Philippines in depth as each panorama is accompanied by some local and travel information. This collection of panoramic images is contributed by numerous photographers who have visited, or live in, the Philippines and presents a unique insight into the country. The collection will continue to grow as more panoramas of the sights and attractions in the Philippines are added in the future.