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Gyeonggi-do Map and Guide

Welcome to this map and guide of Gyeonggi-do province in South Korea. This map shows a growing collection of 360 panoramas taken around Gyeonggi-do and South Korea by various panoramic photographers. Simply select a pin on the map to begin exploring. View this map as either a street map, terrain map or as a satellite image of South Korea. Select the 'Earth' option to view it using the Google Earth plugin.

About Gyeonggi-do

Gyeonggi-do is the most populated province in South Korea. The administrative capital is Suwon (also called 'The City of Filial Piety') which is a satellite city to Seoul, which is administered separately. Gyeonggi Province has been important in Korean history since the 18 BC when the homogeneous nation of Korea was divided into three kingdoms. Gyeonggi-do is known for it's outstanding natural beauty, interspersed with mountains, lakes, forests and streams. It is divided into north and south by the Han River. The northern part is mountainous, made of the high Gwangju Range in the east and lower Charyeong Mountain Range in the west. Prime among the Gwangju mountains are Myeongjisan (1,267m), Gukmangbong (1,168m) and Yongmunsan (1,157m), marked by sharp cliffs and deep valleys. The Charyeong Mountains are much lower in altitude, such as the 582m high Gwanggyosan. The southern part of the region is mostly made of plains with the likes of the Yeonbaek Plain and Anseong Plain forming rich, fertile areas around the Hangang, Imjingang, and Anseongcheon rivers that flow into the Yellow Sea. Within Gyeonggi Province is Bukhansan National Park, in Uijeongbu, and four Provincial parks; Chukryeongsan Natural Recreation Area, Namhan-sanseong Provincial Park, Gapyeong Yeoninsan Provincial Park and the Mulhyanggi Arboretum. These parks are popular tourist destinations, within which are hidden various cities and important sites like Soyosan of Dongducheon City, Hangang and Imjingang. In addition to this Gyeonggi-do is home to numerous theme parks among which is Everland at Yongin, considered one of the top 10 theme parks on earth. There is also the Hallyu Wood Theme Park at Goyang, the Seoul Grand Park in Gwacheon (which contains the National Museum of Contemporary Art and a zoo), and Korean Folk Village in Yongin. The province also has a number of Korean ski and golfing resorts which are popular with tourists from Seoul.

Recent Local Panoramas

Wuzhen Central Canal
Wuzhen Central Canal / Tongxiang
Wuzhen Traditional Buildings
Wuzhen Traditional Buildings / Jiaxing
Wuzhen Bridge and Canal
Wuzhen Bridge and Canal / Jiaxing
Wuzhen / Jiaxing
Xiangshan Film and TV City - Mansion
Xiangshan Film and TV City - Mansion / Ningbo
Xiangshan Film and TV City - City Wall
Xiangshan Film and TV City - City Wall / Ningbo
Xiangshan Film and TV City - City Gate
Xiangshan Film and TV City - City Gate / Ningbo
Xiangshan Film and TV City - Buildings
Xiangshan Film and TV City - Buildings / Ningbo

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