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In the forest of Landes


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Talaia d'Albercuix: Malcolm, this seems to be one of your favourite places on the island!
Mercat Cross Culross: hi malcom cheers for the comment, they were using the square for the filming of a film called outlander, and it was soon going to be painted back to white, which is it's normal colour. i will have to back and see it. it really knocked me sideways, walking into the square was like walking back in time it's a truly remarkable location.
Mercat Cross Culross: A great photo, very atmospheric, looks like a creepy film set or a deserted French village, not something you would expect to find in Scotland!
Nothe Fort -2: Great view over the bay, looks like a wonderful day.
Aqueduc de roquefavour, vue amont: Thank you. The aqueduct is beautiful, but the river is polluted enough. There is beautiful ballads to be all around made.



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