About the Location Specific Tours Tours

  • Tours do not contain adverts

  • Start at clients own specified location

  • Will NOT show other commercial locations, like competitor hotels / restaurants etc/

  • Automatically updates general images from surrounding area.

  • Simple use through customizable cut-and-past embedding code provided.

  • Ideal as part of a 'where we are' page for hotels, B&B's, restaurants and the like.

  • Comes as part of our Virtual Tour Hosting and Syndication package.
  • Compare the two versions of a tour of Mallorca shown below, which both start at Can Furios Finca Hotel.

    Hotel Specific Tour

    This tour starts at the Can Furios Finca Hotel and does not show other hotels in Mallorca.

    Non Hotel-Specific Tour

    This is different to the version of the Mallorca Tour which is not specific to that hotel. As you can see in the example below, other hotels in Mallorca show up on the non-specific version.


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