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Interactive map of Namur in Belgium with panoramas of the various cities and towns. Namur (Dutch: Namen) is a province of the Walloon Region of Belguim. The capital city carries the same name; Namur.

Recent Local Panoramas

Grand Place Brussels - Christmas-time
Grand Place Brussels - Christmas-time / Bruxelles
The Bellona House
The Bellona House / Bruxelles
Oude Sluistoren
Oude Sluistoren / Weerde
Brussels South Center
Brussels South Center / Bruxelles
View from the Espace Jacqmotte
View from the Espace Jacqmotte / Bruxelles
Grote Zavel
Grote Zavel / Bruxelles
St Goedele
St Goedele / Bruxelles
Royal Palace
Royal Palace / Bruxelles


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