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Tuzla  |  Tuzla

Tuzlanski Kanton - Travel & Information

Tuzla Canton lies in north-eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It shares internal borders with Zeničko-dobojski kanton to the southwest. It is mostly surrounded on the north and south-east by the Republika Srpska. To the northeast is Brčko District. The capital of the canton is Tuzla. Today much of the economy of the Tuzla Canton are based in industry and mining.

The region has been inhabited since Palaeolithic times and artifacts and tombs from this era and the Neolithic have been found throughout the canton. In addition, Medieval burial sites and cemeteries with tombstones (stecak) can be found in Kladanj, Banovic, Kalesija, Zivinice, Lukavac, Tuzla, Teocak and Sapna.

The region also has a long and rich Christian heritage with Franciscan monasteries dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries found in Gornja Tuzla , Tuzla , Teočak , Koraj and other villages.

Tuzlanski Kanton - Sights and Attractions

Tuzla Canton is not very developed in terms of tourism, which means that those visiting will find unspoilt places, though some of these may still show signs of damage from recent Bosnian / Serbian conflict and war. Among some of the sights are:
  • Tower of the Dragon of Bosnia - tower of Gradačac castle which has long been associated with Husein Gradaščević, a 19th century Bosniak Muslim general who fought for Bosnian autonomy in the Ottoman Empire.
  • Gradačac - first mentioned in 1302, the town is popular for its 18th century castle with 18-meter high walls, thermal springs and the Husejnija Mosque built in 1826.
  • Srebrenik Fortress - built on the outskirts of Srebrenik in 1333, this is the best preserved medieval castle in Bosnia.
  • Hazna and Vidara Lakes - picturesque lakes found near Gradačac, Vidara lake is artificial.
  • Tuzla - capital of the canton with many historic buildings and one of only 2 salt lakes in Europe in the central park.

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