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Welcome to the map and guide of the cities, towns or places of interest around Šibensko-Kninska županija in Croatia. Here you will find virtual tours and guides with 360° panoramas of various destinations linked to various Šibensko-Kninska županija maps.

Alongside each virtual tour and panorama is a Google map and some local and travel information to help you explore plan and your trip to Šibensko-Kninska županija and Croatia. This growing guide of Šibensko-Kninska županija uses images and information provided by independent travellers, giving you the fuller picture of the various sights, hotels and attractions in Croatia.

Šibensko-Kninska županija - Featured Destinations

Šibensko-Kninska županija - Travel & Information

Šibenik-Knin County (Šibensko-kninska županija) lies in north-central Dalmatia with Split-Dalmatia County to the south and Zadar county to the north. To the west the county borders the Adriatic sea and to the east it borders Bosnia and Herzegovina. The capital ofŠibenik-Knin County is Šibenik. Other major towns in the region are Knin, Drniš and Skradin.

Šibenik-Knin County - Tourist Attractions

Šibenik-Knin County has much to offer tourists, with old towns and cities, ancient monuments and glorious countryside. As yet relatively undiscovered, it is easy to find quiet, traditional places in which to relax and enjoy the local culture. Among some of the highlights of Šibenik-Knin County are:

  • Šibenik - beautiful ancient city with the Cathedral of St. James (a UNESCO World Heritage site), and four coastal fortresses among which is St. Nicholas Fortress (Tvrđava Sv. Nikole).
  • Krka National Park (Nacionalni park Krka) - beautiful nature reserve park with Roman ruins, Skradinski buk with waterfalls and clear pools, the Roški Slap cascades and Visovac Island.
  • Kornati Archipelago National Park - 109 small and mostly uninhabited islands off the coast of Šibenik.
  • Skradin - found on the Krka river at the entrance to Krka National Park, this ancient town is the favourite holiday location of Bill Gates.

Recent Local Panoramas

Šibenik sa tvrđave Sv. Ivana / Šibenik City from Fortress of Saint John
Šibenik sa tvrđave Sv. Ivana / Šibenik City from Fortress of Saint John / Šibenik
Raduč / Murter Island
Mala Gradina
Mala Gradina / Drniš
Mokropoljska oaza
Mokropoljska oaza / Mokro Polje
Osunčani vidikovac kod crkve Sv. Roka
Osunčani vidikovac kod crkve Sv. Roka / Murter Island
Oblakoviti vidikovac kod crkve Sv. Roka
Oblakoviti vidikovac kod crkve Sv. Roka / Murter Island
Kninski vidikovac
Kninski vidikovac / Knin
Omiš Bay from Boat
Omiš Bay from Boat / Omiš

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