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Beltsy - Bălţi

360° panoramas from the northern Moldovan municipality of Beltsy, or Bălţi. An interactive map of Beltsy with panoramic images and pictures taken from around Beltsy. Each panoramic photograph is accompanied by a local description and some travel information. The collection of panoramas is contributed by a growing number of specialist panoramic photographers from around the country forming a series of virtual tours of Beltsy. Simply select one of the pins below to be taken to the panoramas in a region of the country.

Recent Local Panoramas

проба / Beltsy
Independence Square Crossroads
Independence Square Crossroads / Beltsy
Independence Square
Independence Square / Beltsy
Nicolae Iorga Street
Nicolae Iorga Street / Beltsy
Dacia District
Dacia District / Beltsy
City Lake
City Lake / Beltsy
Vasile Alecsandri Square
Vasile Alecsandri Square / Beltsy
Vasile Alecsandri Square in Summer
Vasile Alecsandri Square in Summer / Beltsy

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