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Midlothian Map and Guide

Welcome to this map and guide of the Midlothian region of Scotland. This map shows a growing collection of 360 panoramas taken around Midlothian by various panoramic photographers. Simply select a pin on the map to begin exploring. View this map as either a street map, terrain map or as a satellite image of India. Select the 'Earth' option to view it using the Google Earth plugin.

About Midlothian

Midlothian covers an area on the eastern side of Scotland, part of the larger Lothian region. It is north of the Scottish Borders, just south of Edinburgh. Midlothian contains a very rich mix of farmland and old mine workings, with the Pentland Hills to the west to the Moorfoots in the east offering great walking and numerous castles to explore. The region has quite a bloody history, with numerous battles between the Scottish and English with one of the most famous being the Battle of Roslin in 1303 when William Wallace with 6,000 men defeated an English force of 30,000. The region today still attracts the English, though for much more peaceful pursuits.

Midlothian Sights and Attractions

The list below highlights some of the numerous tourist attractions and places of interest in Midlothian:
  • Alba Ballooning - Hot air balloon flights over Lothian near Edinburgh.
  • Arniston House - Stately home of the Dundas family built in 1571.
  • Borthwick Castle - 600 year old castle and hotel near Scottish Borders.
  • Castlelaw Fort - Ruins of a fort and Earth house on Castlelaw Hill in the Pentlands.
  • Crichton Castle - Castle ruins dating from the mid 1400's within 15 miles of Edinburgh on the River Tyne.
  • Dalhousie Castle - 13th century castle and now a luxury hotel in wooded parkland on the banks of the River Esk.
  • Dalkeith Palace - Former seat of the Duke of Buccleuch, built in 1575.
  • Flotterstone Inn - popular public house in Pentland Hills Regional Park
  • Hawthornden Castle - 15th century castle on River North Esk about a mile from Roslin Castle.
  • Hillend Snowsports Centre - also called Midlothian Snow Sports Centre, a large, artificial ski area.
  • Loanhead Memorial park - Park at Loanhead south of Edinburgh.
  • Mavisbank House - Palladian mansion built between 1723 and 1727 by William Adam, located in Polton, south of Loanhead.
  • Newbattle Abbey - 12 century monastery and then a stately home in Newbattle, now a college.
  • Pentland Hills Regional Park - Range of hills running west of Edinburgh towards Biggar and the upper Clyde Valley, contains nature reserves, walking and cycling tracks.
  • Roslin Castle - Ruins of 14th century castle, seat of the St. Clair family in Roslin close to Rosslyn Chapel within Roslin Glen Country park.
  • Roslin Glen Country Park - Wooded glen near to Roslin with walking along River North Esk. Contains numerous historical sites and the Tyne-Esk Walk.
  • Rosslyn Chapel - 'Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew' built in mid 15th century, made famous as a proposed resting site of the Holy Grail.
  • Vogrie Country Park - Victorian parkland estate 12 miles from Edinburgh with over 4 miles of trails and walks, contains Vogrie House and Vogrie Golf Course.
  • Wallace's Cave - Also called Hawthornden Castle Cave, named after William Wallace and the Battle of Rosslyn in 1303.

Recent Local Panoramas

Bridge On The North River Esk
Bridge On The North River Esk / Auchendinny
Underneath Bridge Auchendinny
Underneath Bridge Auchendinny / Auchendinny
Bridges Auchendinny
Bridges Auchendinny / Auchendinny
River South Esk Near Temple
River South Esk Near Temple / Temple
Braidwood Bridge Near Temple
Braidwood Bridge Near Temple / Temple
Old Building Near Temple
Old Building Near Temple / Temple
John Craigs Grave Temple Old Kirk
John Craigs Grave Temple Old Kirk / Temple
Rapeseed Fields near Whitecraig
Rapeseed Fields near Whitecraig / Whitecraig

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