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Recent Local Panoramas

Puerto Pollensa Marina -2
Puerto Pollensa Marina -2 / Mallorca
Quai du Léon
Quai du Léon / Morlaix
Rue de la Gare
Rue de la Gare / Annecy
Grand Veymont
Grand Veymont / Isère
Grand Veymont
Grand Veymont / Isère
Annecy-le- Vieux
Annecy-le- Vieux / Annecy
Jardins de l’Europe
Jardins de l’Europe / Annecy
Place de l’Hotel de Ville
Place de l’Hotel de Ville / Annecy


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Spain - Maps & Guide

Welcome to the map and guide of the cities, towns or places of interest around Spain in Europe. Here you will find links to maps, virtual tours and guides with 360° panoramas of various travel destinations, regions, cities and attractions in Spain.

Alongside each virtual tour and panorama is a Google map and some local and travel information to help you explore plan and your trip to the top travel destinations in Spain. This growing guide of Spain uses images and information provided by independent travellers, giving you the fuller picture of the various sights, hotels and attractions.

Spain - Featured Destinations

BALEARIC ISLANDS | Ibiza | Mallorca | Menorca | Palma de Mallorca


CATALONIA | Barcelona

MADRID | Madrid

Spain - Travel & Information

Spain is a very popular tourist destination, with thousands of travelers seeking sun and relaxation in Spain, especially in the Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca.

Members of the European Union and the EEA are entitled to cheap healthcare insurance using the European Heath Insurance Card (EHIC) when traveling in Spain.