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Statue In Gardens In Bath
Statue In Gardens In Bath / Bath
Hartwood Sanatorium Another View
Hartwood Sanatorium Another View / Hartwood Sanatorium (Disused)
Doncaster Minster At Sunset
Doncaster Minster At Sunset / Doncaster
Near Royal Avenue Bath
Near Royal Avenue Bath / Bath
Margaret's Buildings Bath
Margaret's Buildings Bath / Bath
Tree In St James Cemetery Bath
Tree In St James Cemetery Bath / Bath
Maze In Bath
Maze In Bath / Bath
River Avon Bath
River Avon Bath / Bath


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Canada - Maps & Guide

Welcome to the map and guide of the cities, towns or places of interest around Canada in North America. Here you will find links to maps, virtual tours and guides with 360° panoramas of various travel destinations, regions, cities and attractions in Canada.

Alongside each virtual tour and panorama is a Google map and some local and travel information to help you explore plan and your trip to the top travel destinations in Canada. This growing guide of Canada uses images and information provided by independent travellers, giving you the fuller picture of the various sights, hotels and attractions.

Canada - Featured Destinations


QUEBEC | Montreal

VANCOUVER ISLAND | Central Island | Greater Victoria | Pacific Rim

Canada - Travel & Information

Canada is a federation composed of ten provinces and three territories. The three Territories of Canada are Western Canada, Eastern Canada and Atlantic Canada.

Eastern Canada

Eastern Canada is broken down into the provinces of Quebec and Ontario (collectively called Central Canada) and the Maritime provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia; and Newfoundland and Labrador(collectively called called Atlantic Canada). There is a higher density of cities in Eastern Canada and it tends to be more industrialised than other regions. Important cities include Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Hamilton, London, Halifax and Windsor.

Western Canada

Western Canada is made up of the provinces of British Columbia and three so-called 'Prairie provinces' of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The region contains some of the most visited places in Canada and popular travel destinations. Important cities in this region include Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Victoria on Vancouver Island, Saskatoon, Regina, Kelowna, Abbotsford.

Northern Canada

Northern Canada is made up of the three territories of Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. The vast region of Northern Canada is nearly 4 million km², larger than that of India, but it is sparsely populated, with less than 1 person per km².

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