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Cundinamarca Department lies in central Columbia, surrounded by the departments of Boyacá, Meta, Huila, Tolima and Caldas. The capital of Cundinamarca is Bogotá, which is also the capital city of Columbia itself. Prior to the arrival of Europeans in 1538 the region was inhabited by Quechua peoples and the name comes from the Quechua for condor's nest. Gonzalo Jiménez of Quesada from Spain was the first European to visit the region in 1538 and establised the city of Santa Fe, which became present day Bogota. Other important cities in the department include Girardot in the far southwest, Fusagasugá, and Zipaquirá.

Geographically, the department can be divided into three zones. In the west are the Magdalena River valley, the Sumapaz region and part of the eastern Cordillera Oriental mountains. In the central part lies the Bogota Savannah and the valleys of Ubaté and Simijaca. To the east lies the Orinoco River basin. With the mixture of mountains and river valleys and lowlands the biodiversity is rich and local climate varied. It is agriculturally important for the country and grows a large number of flowers for export. Industrially, the Zipaquirá salt mines have significant mining operations in the region.

Cundinamarca - Tourist Attractions

Cundinamarca Department has both historical sites and rural tourism to offer visitors. The tourism sector has been slowly growing as infrastructure and concerns about safety have improved. Some highlights and popular tourist attractions include:

  • Bogotá - capital city with La Candelaria; the historical city centre, full of aold buildings and museums.
  • Maloka Museum - modern, interactive science museum found in Bogota.
  • Panaca Sabana - agricultural theme park with over 2,400 domestic animals providing horse riding, shows, education and more all found 40 minutes from Bogotá, between the towns of Briceño and Zipaquirá.
  • Parque Jaime Duque - famous park in the Tocancipá municipality of Bogota with a scale replica of the Taj Hahal, ornamental gardens, open play areas and various monuments.
  • Tabio - small village 45km from Bogota known for the thermal springs, pools and tourist-orientated craft shops.
  • Chingaza National Park - found in the Andes on the border between Cundinamarca and Meta, the park has mountains up to 4020m high, about 40 glacial lakes, the largest of which is Lake Chingaza, and a rich flora and fauna.
  • Embalse del Tominé - man made reservoir lake some 18 miles long by 4 miles wide formed by the Tominé Dam with sailing and water sports set in great surroundings.
  • Zipaquirá - old town with an historic centre surrounded by Spanish style colonial buildings and also famous for the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá (Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá).
  • Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá (Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá) - one of the main tourist attractions in Zipaquirá, the cathedral is found in a salt mine 200m beneath the Halite mountain.
  • Guatavita - 65km from Bogotá this village is said to hold the secret of Eldorado and overlooks the lake formed by the Tominé dam.
  • La Peña - home to the La Quintana and El Chispón waterfalls and popular for rappelling.
  • Nimaima - popular tourism destination for white water rafting and rappelling, home to the La Punta, EL Palmar, Barandillas and El Cajón falls.
  • Caqueza - small town close to the eastern side of Chingaza National Park with an historic city centre and old church.

Recent Local Panoramas

Une City's Central Park, Colombia
Une City's Central Park, Colombia / Une
Prehistoric Necropolis of Usme
Prehistoric Necropolis of Usme / Usme
The Bolívar Square - Bogota
The Bolívar Square - Bogota / Bogota
Church to Our Lady of Valvanera / Chía - Colombia
Church to Our Lady of Valvanera / Chía - Colombia / Chía
Summit of Cruz Verde
Summit of Cruz Verde / Cerro Cruz Verde
The Inmaculada cemetery of Guasca, Colombia
The Inmaculada cemetery of Guasca, Colombia / Guasca
The Chapel of Siecha
The Chapel of Siecha / Guasca
Guasca City's Central Park, Colombia
Guasca City's Central Park, Colombia / Guasca

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