Site Advertising Revenue Share

We recognize that the success of Panoramic Earth is dependant on the contributions from various panoramic photographers around the world. As a thank-you for your support of the site, regular contributors will receive a proportion of the Google Ad income generated by the site. Our aim is to share this out at the end of each month. See below to see how to qualify and how to get it!

Note: This is separate from, and in addition to, any commission based income you may be receiving as one of our Local Representatives selling our services to commercial locations.

  • How is the Income Divided?
    A proportion of the Google Ad income will taken by the site to cover development and running costs. The rest will be shared out among the qualifying contributors proportional to the number of images they have contributed to the site.

  • Who Qualifies for This?
    Currently, photographers who have contributed over 40 panoramas to the site qualify to be part of this profit share. We are also setting something up to reward those who supply written descriptions for locations.

  • How will I be Paid?
    We will only be able to pay people through PayPal, therefore you must have a valid PayPal account to qualify. You will be responsible for all transfer fees that may be applied by PayPal.

  • How do I Register for this Income?
    When you near the 40 Image mark, you will be sent an email inviting you to submit your PayPal email address into the field in your account. Thereafter we will make regular payments to you whenever your account has earned more than £10.00

  • What About Unclaimed Payments?
    Any money that would have been paid out to a photographer but remains unclaimed (because they have not given their PayPal address) will be given to a charity of our choice, probably something that supports orphanage work or water projects in the developing world.

  • How can I Increase my Earnings?
    Google Ad income is pretty directly related to the number of visitors to the site, a percentage of whom click on the ads. You can therefore increase your earnings by either (a) adding more images to the site or (b) promoting Panoramic Earth.

  • How can I Help Promote the Site?
    Some suggestions for helping boost our visitor numbers, and therefore income, include:
    • Link to us in blogs and other websites
    • Embed our content on other websites.
    • Share us on social network sites, like FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +1 etc.

Note: Panoramic Earth reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer in the future.


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