Embedding Panoramic Earth Tours

  • Get dynamic web content to improve your site.

  • Full screen panoramic virtual tour images.

  • Simple to use with a single piece of code - see example below.

  • Customizable layout.

  • FREE

There are a few simple steps you need to take and you will soon have a unique resource running in your own site which will grow automatically as more images are added to Panoramic Earth. We also have options to embed Regional Tours - collections of panoramas from one place linked to Google maps.

How to get hold of the Tour Code

  1. This is available to those who have Registered with Panoramic Earth.

  2. Log onto the site and go to the image of interest.

  3. Click on the Embed button beneath the panorama, as circled in red here:

    embed single virtual tour panorama step 1
  4. Select the Single Image Embedding radial and then click on Continue as shown below:

    embed single virtual tour panorama step 2

  5. Select the height and width you want to have on your site, wait for the code to be re-calibrated for the new settings. Then click on Select to highlight all the code as shown below:
    embed single virtual tour panorama step 3

  6. Copy the code and drop it into your website. The code must not be altered in any way, as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

  7. Job done, you now have a beautiful virtual tour panorama displaying on your site.

It is that easy. Simply repeat the process as many times as you wish. More than one panorama can be embedded on a given web page.

Example - Colosseum in Rome

And here is what a single panorama will look like when placed on your page. As within Panoramic Earth, your viewers will be able to explore the full screen image, giving you instant dynamic and interactive content, for FREE.

Panorama of Colosseum - West End supplied by Panoramic Earth


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