Panoramic Earth Policies, T&C Documents

Panoramic Earth has a variety of policies and documents covering various aspects of site usage and membership. These various documents are:

Policy DocumentDescription
General T&CGeneral Terms and Conditions applicable to using Panoramic Earth.

Image T&CTerms and Conditions applying to your image copyright and Panoramic Earth's permission to use the panoramas you upload.

Tour T&CTerms and Conditions relating to use or submitted content on 3rd party websites.

Privacy and CookiesAbout the use of cookies on Panoramic Earth, the types data they collect and their duration on your computer.

Data Collection PolicyOur data collection and data protection policy, and our UK Data Protection registration number.

Anti Spam and Email PolicyInformation about our zero-tollerance policy towards spam and use of email.

Prize Draw T&CPolicy governing the entry, use and unsubscription from any prize draws that may be offered through Panoramic Earth.

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