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Thorpe Park - The Swarm Ride

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Thorpe Park - The Swarm Ride - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Hand held panorama showing The Swarm ride in Thorpe Park. This picture was taken in mid October 2014 on a day when there were not many people in the park. You can see two sets of swarm rides in the image, in fact they are both the same ride carrying the same people. Only one Swarm goes round the track at any one time!

Thorpe Park - The Swarm Ride - FURTHER INFORMATION

Thorpe Park - The Swarm Ride - Staines visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Thorpe Park - The Swarm Ride' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Surrey.

If you are wanting an 'Extreme Thrills' experience then head for The Swarm ride at Thorpe Park. Though the ride only lasts 75 seconds, in that time you will reach speeds of up to 57mph as you are whisked through 5 full inversions in a heady spin that includes a dive loop, Zero G roll, inclined loop, corkscrew and inline twist. After all that the challenge is to walk away with your head still intact.

Opening in 2012 at a cost of £18m, The Swarm is situated on a dedicated island within the park themed on an alien invasion and post-apocalyptic war. The Swarm Zone contains crashed planes, emergency vehicles and helicopter. It is a suspended ride; you sit under the wings of the Swarm as you narrowly miss all the carnage surrounding you.

Probably the most dramatic moment is the initial inversion after the long climb as The Swarm turns to drop riders with a narrow miss under a plane wing followed swiftly by a zero-G drop. Later on in the ride, those on the right hand side nearly touch water as Swarm spirals round a helix and the helicopter. In 2013, Thorpe Park introduce Brave it Backwards, giving 8 riders a chance to do the run facing backwards. This provides a very difference experience, but removes all the tension of the near misses, and has quite long queues.


Staines Road
KT16 8PN


Train: Staines railway station and then dedicated bus transfer to Thorpe Park
Car: Thorpe Park is 25m from central London. Take exit 11 or 13 off the M25 and follow A320 to Thorpe Park

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