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Panorama taken from the north side of Trafalgar Square in London. The picture shows Nelson's Column and the view beyond to Whitehall. To the north is the National Portrait Gallery.


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Trafalgar Square is one of the main attractions in London and an internationally recognized icon for the city. It lies at the heart of the West End and all distances to London are measured from the center of Trafalgar Square. The dominant feature of the square is Nelson's Column, on top of which a statue of Admiral Nelson looks over the London skyline. At the base are four lions, very popular with tourists taking pictures and nearby are the famous fountains.

On the north side, Trafalgar Square is overlooked by the National Portrait Gallery. Also around the square are St. Martin's in the Field Church and market. From it Whitehall leads south to the Houses of Parliament and Parliament Square. Trafalgar Square is linked to the Mall which along St James Park leads to Buckingham Palace via Admiralty Arch. A little to the north are Leicester Square and China Town.

Both Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Column were built around 1805 to commemorate the victory of the British Navy over the forces of Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar, during which Admiral Nelson was fatally wounded. Nelson's Column is 46m high made of white granite, and the 5.5m high statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson stands on the top facing south towards the Palace of Westminster.

The bronze leaves surrounding the top of the column were made from cannons. Four great victories of Nelson are depicted in the four bronze panels around the base of Nelson's Column cast from captured French guns. The column is surrounded by bronze 4 crouching lions designed by Sir Edwin Landseer who, having never seen a real lion, gave them dogs paws by mistake.

Surrounding Nelson's Column are two great fountains collectively called The Trafalgar Square Fountain. The were added to the square in 1845 and the remodeled in 1939. The fountains contain bronzes of dolphins, mermen and mermaids. Playing in the fountains is discouraged. Trafalgar Square is also surrounded by 4 plinths containing various statues. Starting in the northeast, three of these plinths are occupied by statues of George IV, Henry Havelock, and Sir Charles James Napier. The fourth plinth in the northwest corner has held a changing array of modern works in recent years.

As can be seen, the number of attractions and important London landmarks in the area is enormous, earning Trafalgar Square an important place on the London itinerary. The nearest tube stations are Charring Cross and Leicester Square.


Bus: Trafalgar Square
Tube: Charring Cross (Bakerloo, Northern lines) Leicester Square (Northern line)

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