Diana Memorial Fountain

Near to Serpentine Bridge in Hyde Park

Photo By Peter Watts

Diana Memorial Fountain - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

This panorama was taken from within the circle of the Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park. Because of the nature of the fountain, not much is visible except one of the gulleys down which the water flows.

Diana Memorial Fountain - FURTHER INFORMATION

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The Diana Memorial Fountain is in Hyde Park just on the south side of the Serpentine Bridge, next to the Lido. The Serpentine Gallery and Albert Memorial are also close by. The Diana Memorial Fountain was built in memory of Princess Diana whose death in 1997 shocked Britain and the world. 6 million visitors to London for the funeral of Princess Diana showed the place she had earned in the hearts of the nations. After much debate this unique Memorial to Diana, Princess of Wales was opened by Her Majesty The Queen on 6th July 2004.

The Diana Memorial Fountain is more like a stream than a fountain as there are no jets of water or statue. In fact nothing is above ground level. The fountain is a large stepped oval trench made of 545 pieces of Cornish Granite set into the ground at an incline. It is about 50 wide and 80m long with 2 channels that vary from 3m to 6m wide, through which water runs and bubbles from the top of the oval to a pool at the bottom before draining away.

The Diana Memorial Fountain also has three bridges crossing the water ways allowing visitors access to the centre of the grassed oval. In the summer the Diana Fountain is a very popular London attraction.

It was intended that the Diana Memorial Fountain would be child friendly, the granite was left with some grip and the idea was that people would be able to play in the water. This symbolism of the Princess's joy of life was unfortunately short lived and after a number of people slipped in the fountain, running in the waterways was banned. Playing in the water is now prohibited, but you can still dangle your legs over the sides.

The construction of the fountain is a collaboration of various industries and used ground breaking technologies. The whole site was modeled and then a 3D scan made by Ford Motor Company. Next Surface Development & Engineering created a 3D computer model allowing the designers to manipulate each virtual granite component. This allowed not only the shape to be analyzed but also how the different surfaces would affect water flow. Irish stone masons used this model and computerized cutting machines to shape the blocks mined from Cornwall. 'De Lank' granite was chosen for the Diana Memorial fountain as the colour would enhance the sparkle of the water.

This is close to the museum district where you will find the Science, Natural History and Victoria and Albert (V&) museums.


Tube: South Kensington (Circle, District, Piccadilly lines), Hyde Park Corner (Piccadilly Line).

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