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Crookedest Street

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A panorama showing the Crookedest Street in San Francisco. The panorama really does not do it justice, it has 8 hair-pin bends, or switchbacks, in the space of a block. Crookedest Street is a colloquial name for this short section of Lombard Street, probably named thus for the tourists who flock here to watch cars used to travelling along the straight grid pattern of San Francisco confronted with something quite different. Take a look at it on the satellite view of the Google map of San Francisco. Crookedest Street descends down the side of a hill, you can see the rest of Lombard street marching off in a straight line across San Francisco beyond the street in this picture.


Crookedest Street - San Francisco visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Crookedest Street' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from California.

Lombard Street run east-west across San Francisco from the Boulevard in Presidio to The San Francisco Bay from End of Pier 7Embarcadero. 'Crookedest Street' is the instantly recogniseable landmark, one of San Francisco's most well-known landmarks alongside the Golden Gate Bridge and the Coit Tower on top of Telegraph Hill. This one block between Hyde Street and Leavenworth Street has become a must-see tourist attraction - visitors even hire taxis just to drive down the eight hairpin-bend road which zig-zags steeply downhill. The bends were built deliberately due to the severely steep gradient to enable traffic to pass through slowly and safely a direct, straight road would be suicidally steep and render vehicles impossible to control. As an infamous landmark, the surrounding Victorian mansion houses and their colourful flowerbeds are now key to the most expensive residential property in San Francisco city.


Cable Car: Hyde St & Lombard St

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