Fishermans Wharf Marina

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Photo By Peter Watts

Fishermans Wharf Marina - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Panorama taken at Fisherman's Wharf showing Pier 35 and the marina next to Pier 39. This part of Fishermans Wharf has been renovated and is now a very popular tourist location in San Francisco. There was no cruise ship moored at pier 35 when this panorama was taken, but you can see one in the satellite view of the San Francisco Google map. Beyond all the masts of the yachts in the marina you can see Angel Island out in the bay.

Fishermans Wharf Marina - FURTHER INFORMATION

Fishermans Wharf Marina - San Francisco visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Fishermans Wharf Marina' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from California.

Tranquil and calm, this quiet yacht marina in Fisherman's Wharf is just a stone's throw away from Pier 39, one of the busiest visitor attractions in North Beach.

Fisherman's Wharf grew famous for the crab-pot sail-boats which fished the bay by lamplight before mechanised engines revolutionised the industry. Though a third of the fleet still remains and work out of the small fishery marina between the Aquatic Park and Pier 45, and while the Wharf is still one of the world's busiest harbours, it is known more as a tourist attraction for historical insight and world-class scenery over the Bay.

Though just a moment's walk away, this marina is a calming place to escape the crowds of sightseers and glimpse upon the life of the current working Wharf. Yachts are privately owned pleasure craft, but amongst them, many boat trip vessels are berthed here, from large dinghies to very large cruise ships from time to time. The piers further east (lower in number) are where the major ferry and cruises embark, but amongst these larger and more visited piers are smaller, quieter areas such as this marina where a flavour of the everyday life of Fisherman's Wharf can be gleaned away from the spectacles and crowds.


Bus: 47 to Powell Street
Cable Car: Fisherman's Wharf
Light Rail: F

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