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Singapore Map - Singapore visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Singapore Map' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Singapore.

This Singapore map shows many of the sights, attractions and places of interest in the city in a unique way. On the map of Singapore are markers showing the locations of over 100 fully 360° panoramas that have been taken around Singapore. The pins show the locations of the museums, parks, major sights of interest and hotels within Singapore. Each panoramic image or picture is accompanied by some local and travel information.

This collection of panoramas provides one of the most extensive virtual tours of Singapore available. The Singapore map used is a Google map, it can be viewed either as a street map of Singapore, or changed to show highly detailed satellite images of the city. A hybrid version overlays the road map of Singapore onto the satellite image.

A full list of the panoramas linked to this Singapore map is given on the Singapore Index. In the description about Singapore below are links to panoramas of some of the most famous sights, museums and parks. Singapore is one of the most visited cities on earth. Below are some of the ways to explore Singapore and some of the highlights you will find both in Singapore and on this map and virtual tour of a great city.

Singapore: An Introduction

Singapore (officially the Republic of Singapore) is an island state, just south of Malay Peninsula. Singapore is not large, 42km from east to west and 26km from north to south. Singapore is a very popular travel destination in Southeast Asia. Nearly 10 million people visited in 2006, and the state generated S$12.4 billion in tourism receipts. Many come here because it is safe, clean, has excellent restaurants and other facilities. Singapore is often used as a rest stop when visiting other areas in Asia. The public transport system is very efficient and reaches almost every part o the island.

Singapore is thought to derive it's name from the Malay 'singa' and 'pura' which means 'Lion City'. The story goes that the Sumatran prince Sang Nila Utama landed on the island after a thunderstorm and saw what he thought was a lion. It is far more likely that he saw some kind of tiger, as lions have never lived on Singapore. The national sympbol of Singapore is a merlion, and statues of these are found in the Merlion park in Singapore City and on Sentosa Island (where you can ascend to the head of the 11-storey Merlion to see a panoramic view of the surroundings).

The modern history of Singapore stared in 1819 with the landing of Raffles on the island. He negotiated treaties and established Singapore as a British trading post in Asia. He encouraged free trade under strong British trading discipline and was welcomed by the Chinese and other merchants weary of the corruption they found elsewhere in Asia. Since then, the fortunes of Singapore have gone from strength to strength.

If you arrive in Singapore without having booked a hotel, then the hotel booking desk at Changi Airport will be happy to help out. Naturally, the range of hotels in Singapore will cover almost any budget, and, also naturally, the hotel desk is very efficient.

What to do in Singapore

The most common view of Singapore featured on many guide books shows pictures of Raffles Place in the Financial District, where ultra modern office blocks soar over the East side of Marina Bay and the Singapore River. In contrast, on the West side of Marina Bay are the older civil buildings built in a time of low domes and towers.

Marina Bay and Singapore River
Featured on this map around this area are panoramas of Raffles Landing Place, The Fullerton Hotel, Merlion Park and Clarke Quay. The bay and Clarke Quay are lined with restaurants and the area is very popular with diners in the evenings. The Asian Civilisations Museum, Esplanade, and Victoria Concert Hall are in the area. Boat cruises leave Raffles Landing continuously to tour the bay and further up Singapore River. Just a few blocks away the hill of Fort Canning Park provides a relaxing open space with views over the city.

Civil District
This part of Singapore City houses the Singapore Supreme Court, City Hall, St. Andrew's Cathedral, The Pandang and The Art House. Raffles-The Plaza, the Singapore Art Museum and War Memorial Park are close to the Civil District.

Religious Buildings
Singapore has a number of different churches, temples and mosques to meet the religious needs of the diverse population, and panoramas from many of these are displayed on this map. St. Andrew's Cathedral and the Armenian Church serve parts of the Christian communities. There are a number of mosques, the most famous being the Sultan Mosque and the Masjid Abdul Gaffoor Mosque for the Islamic communities. Singapore has numerous temples that serve other faiths, such as the Sri Marimman Temple, Thian Hock Keng Temple and Sri Dhandayuthapani Temple. A full list of religious places featured on Panoramic Earth is found in the Singapore Index.

Singapore Shopping
Many people come to Singapore for the shopping, and not without reason. It boasts a huge number of vast shopping malls offering almost anything you could wish for. Naturally most of this activity is focused in Singapore city itself. This map and tour has panoramas of CHIJMES and the famous Raffles Hotel and Shopping Arcade near the civil district of the city. Other shopping areas worth exploring include Little India, China Town, Arab Street and Orchard Road.

Further Afield
Beyond Singapore City itself, there are numerous world class attractions to visit, and many of these feature on this map and tour of the island. Singapore Zoo (and Night Safari) has a world class reputation. There is als the Chinese Gardens (home to the Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum) and Mandai Orchid Gardens. Sentosa Island is also very popular with Singaporeans, with access via either boat, road, rail, or cable car from Mount Faber. Sentosa Island boasts Underwater World, Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom, Carlsberg Sky Tower, 11 storey Merlion, numerous hotels and man made 'beaches'.

Singapore - Local

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