Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park

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Photo By Peter Watts

Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Panorama taken beside a small pond in the Ellis Plantation in Richmond Park, London. This picture was taken in early spring 2009.

Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park - FURTHER INFORMATION

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The Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park is an ornamental woodland garden, protected from the deer within a fenced enclosure. The name for the garden probably derives from the old English word 'isabel' which was used from the 15C and meant 'greyish-yellow'. This referred to the soil colour in this part of the park. By 1771 this part of the park was known as the Isabella Slade. It was fenced in and planted with various trees by Lord Sidmouth in 1831. The gardens are south of Pen Ponds within the park.

Today, the Isabella Plantation is a popular part of Richmond Park. The plantation contains different species that flower in different seasons, making it a garden for the whole year. In spring visitors can see camellias, magnolias, daffodils and bluebells. The azaleas and rhododendrons flower in late April. These are followed by Japanese irises and day lilies in the summer and then by guelder rose, rowan and spindle trees in the autumn. At this time the eaves on the acer trees turn red adding more colour. During the winter months there are early camellias and rhododendron, as well as mahonia, winter-flowering heathers and stinking hellebore.

The Isabella Plantation grows 15 known varieties of deciduous azalea and houses the national collection of 50 Kurume Azaelas, as well as 50 different species of rhododendron and 120 hybrids. The gardens have two ponds, the Still Pond and Peg's Pond. A small stream flows through it and the Bog Garden was refurbished in 2000.


Train: North Sheen, Richmond, Norbiton
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