Hawaii Island Map

Hotels, beaches, volcanoes and attractions on Hawaii Island

Photo By Peter Watts


Hawaii Island Map - Hawaii Island visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Hawaii Island Map' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Hawaii.

This Hawaii Island map shows many of the beaches, volcanoes, sights, and attractions of Hawaii in a unique way. On the map of Hawaii Island are markers showing the locations of over 100 fully 360° panoramas that have been taken around Hawaii. The pins show the locations of the towns, village, beaches and other places of interest. Each panoramic image or picture is accompanied by some local and travel information.

This collection of panoramas provides one of the most extensive virtual tours of Hawaii Island available. The map used is a Google map, it can be viewed either as a street map of Hawaii Island, or changed to show highly detailed satellite images of the island. A hybrid version overlays the road map of Hawaii Island onto the satellite image. This tour helps when planning vacations and holidays to Hawaii Island.

A full list of the panoramas linked to this Hawaii Island map is given on the Hawaii Island Index.

About Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island is the largest of the chain if islands that make of the State of Hawaii, found some 2000 miles off the western coast of the United States of America. It is also referred to as Hawai'i Island and Big Island. It is one of the most popular travel destinations in the State, and thousands come here on vacation every year to soak up the sun and visit the volcanoes. Hawaii is also enormously popular as a location for weddings, and many Hawaii travel packages are based around Hawaii weddings, supplying everything needed from hotels to tours and cruises in all-in-one travel packages.

Hawaii Island is famous for the Hawaii Island Volcanoes National Park, and there are many panoramas showing photographs of the volcanoes here. This park is on the southern end of Hawaii Island, and many people plan their Hawaii vacations around visiting this park.

Many of the most popular and well known beaches of Hawaii are found on the western side of the island. Among these is Hapuna Beach. As a result, most of the large hotels are also found on the west coast. Many of these form hotel beach resorts, with their own beaches and grounds. There are panoramas from some of these hotels and beach resorts shown on this virtual tour which will help show what is in the local area when planning a Hawaii holiday vacation.

Hawaii Island Hotels

The Hawaii Islands have various hotels, motels, hotel beach resorts and holiday apartments to suit all budgets. Most of these are found along the west coast, with the expensive beach resorts north of Kona. If you are looking for an affordable hotel room in Hawaii Island, visit Cheap Hotels, which also offers the latest Honolulu hotel deals, with discounts of up to 50% off.

Hawaii Island Map and Webmasters

For Webmasters: It is possible to use this whole virtual tour and map of Hawaii Island in your own site for free. Please see the Use a Tour page for more information on how to use the Hawaii Island map in your own site. Each panorama shown here can be linked to individually. To do so select the link from the 'permalink' chain link icon in the title bar of the photograph of interest.


abel smith - 16 Sep, 2010 07:01
Hawaii travel destinations is one of my favorite holidays, i have visited to. These islands should be re named PARADISE. Paradise does not sum up Hawaii you have to go there experience the people, food culture. I would recommend the whale watching take your camera yes but do stop and watch the most beautiful creatures as they jump and play around you. Don't be too concerned with booking everything ahead of time.

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