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St Keverne

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Panorama showing the view over the main square in St Keverne in Cornwall. The picture was taken from the edge of St Keverne churchyard and shows some of the old, stone buildings of the village.


St Keverne - Lizard Peninsula visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'St Keverne' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Cornwall.

St Keverne is a small village on the eastern side of Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, known as 'Lannaghevran' in Cornish. It is close to Coverack and Dolor Point. St Keverne has a village square on which are a number of shops and two pubs. This is all overlooked by St Akeveranus church, which, unusually for Cornwall, has a spire. One reason for erecting a spire may have been to aid sailors as a landmark to help them avoid crashing onto the Manacles, a low submerged reef that has claimed countless ships over the ages.

St Keverne was the starting point of the 1497 Cornish Rebellion, which was led by Michael An Gof, the local blacksmith, and Thomas Flamank in protest against tax rises under King Henry VII. The rebellion failed when the 15,000 strong Cornish army was defeated by Royal forces outside London. Both the leaders were hugh, drawn and quarterd, there is a statue of Thomas Flamank and Michael An Gof in the village square.

A second rebellion occurred in the 16th century, known as the Prayer Book Rebellion. This was led by Martin Geoffrey, the village priest, in protest at the forced introduction of the Common Prayer Book and banning of all Catholic practices. This too failed in 1549 with 28 Conrnishmen being executed at Castle Terrible and Martin Geoffrey beheaded in London with his head placed on a spike on London Bridge.

Nearby is Goonhilly Earth Station, a popular local tourist attraction, and at Porthkerris is a Water Sports Centre. The West Coast Path follows the coastline and the area is popular for walking. Around St Keverne are numerous Bed and Breakfast places and holiday cottages.


Train: Falmouth Station and then drive.
Car: St Keverne is 11 miles from Helston and about 18 miles from Falmouth on country lanes. It is 11 miles northeast of Lizard Point.

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