Santa Maria in Monterone

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Photo By Peter Watts

Santa Maria in Monterone - FURTHER INFORMATION

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This panorama from the inside of Santa Maria in Monterone caused a little problem ofter it was taken. There are hundreds of churches in Rome dedicated to Mary, and I did not get the full name when I took the pictures, and it took quite a while to track it down again once all the panoramic images from Rome had bee put together.

S. Maria in Monterone is close to the Pantheon in Rome. It is not mentioned in many of the guide books, so if anyone has some information about it the please feel free to add it as a comment.

Documents suggest a church S Maria in Monterone was here as far back as 1186, the name Monterone coming from the family who owned the Palazzo Sinibaldi in front of it and built a hospice next to the church. It has been repeatedly modified and in 1597 was raised slightly to avoid being affected by flooding from the Tiber. Radical changes were made in 17C and yet more in the early to mid 19C. A chapel of St. Alfons was installed in 1848. In spite of all these changes the eight columns which used to belong to the Theatre of Pompeus that stood here before the church remain and sepparate the aisles from the nave.

The church is associated with an Archconfraternity called the "Archconfraternity for the Relief of the Poor Souls in Purgatory under the title of the Assumption of Mary in the Redemptorist church of Santa Maria in Monterone at Rome". This was founded in 1841 with responsibility for saying prayers and collecting indulgences to shorten the plight of those in purgatory. While pope Benedict XVI recently abolished the dogma of limbo, the idea of purgatory still remains.

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