Octagonal Courtyard. The Vatican Museums.

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Photo By Manuel Ruiz

Octagonal Courtyard. The Vatican Museums. - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Fantastic this octagonal courtyard, in which it is worth mentioning the three most important sculptures: the Apollo Belvedere, the Perseus with the head of Medusa Between Two boxers by Antonio Canova (1800-1801) and the celebrated Laocoon group. The panorama is composed of eight photographs, taken from the center of the courtyard.

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Octagonal Courtyard. The Vatican Museums. - FURTHER INFORMATION

Octagonal Courtyard. The Vatican Museums. - Rome visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Octagonal Courtyard. The Vatican Museums.' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Roma.

Octagonal Courtyard, whose form was determined by Clement XIV in 1772. Among the most famous statues you can see the Apollo Belvedere, Roman copy of the second century AD of a Greek bronze original, attributed to Leojares (330-320 BC) located in the Agora of Athens. Represents the God of beauty, with an extended arm to hold probably a bow and an arrow on the other hand. During the Neoclassical period was taken as an example of formal perfection and technical virtuosity, and was taken to the Vatican by Julius II decision.

The famous Laocoon group, is a Roman copy of the first century AD of a Greek bronze original of the second century BC, the work of Hagesandros, Athanadoros and Polydoros, found in Rome in 1506, on the Esquiline Hill. The group soon enjoyed great admiration of Michelangelo, and was acquired by Julius II who had it placed in the Vatican.



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