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Ubatuba is a coastal city in São Paulo state of Brazil. Surrounded by over 70 beaches, Ubatuba is an important tourist destination in Brazil. It is also the Surf Capital of Sao Paulo State, and holds over 10 international surfing competitions each year, including the World Qualified Series and two Super Surf Pro Series competitions.

Ubatuba was occupied by Tupinamba Indians when the Portuguese arrived in the 16th century. The name comes from the Tupi words for arrows or canoes (uyba ) and many (tuba). The city is based in a valley that traps Atlantic air and often receives a lot of rain. to the north are the Serra do Mar mountains and Serra do Mar State Park. Off shore is a marine park created to protect sea turtles.

Ubatuba is one of the best places in Brazil for surfing, diving and various other oceanic sports. The different beaches each has a distinct character pulling in different audiences. Itamambuca Beach has large, surfing waves while the waters of Lázaro Beach are much calmer. Some of the beaches, like Brava, Almada and Cedro, are quite remote, only accessible by dirt track. Off shore is Anchieta Island, accessible by schooner.

Ubatuba - Tourist Attractions

As mentioned, most of the tourist attractions in and around Ubatuba involve the beaches and the sea. Some of the most popular tourist attractions include:
  • Cadeia Velha - 19th century building in the middle of Ubatuba that used to be the Old Gaol.
  • Nossa Senhora dos Passos - one of the main churches in Ubatuba, built in 1866.
  • Ubatuba Historical Museum - housed in the Sobrado do Porto, a protected building dating from 1846.
  • Cachoeira de Promirim (Promirim Falls) - 18 km north of Ubatuba on the Rio-Santos highway, these waterfalls have a natural swimming pool with ocean views.
  • Cachoeira da Serra (Mountain Waterfall) - 9 km from Ubatuba, surrounded by bromeliads and orchids and reached by a narrow stairs.
  • Cachoeira da Escada (Waterfall of the Stairway) - one of the largest waterfalls in the region, found 46Km from Ubatuba on the border with Rio de Janeiro.
  • Cachoeira do Correa (Cooke Waterfall) - clear running waters of Rio Maranduba flowing down to Praia Maranduba (Maranduba beach), and close to a hiking trail.
  • Serra do Mar State Park - 315,000 hectares of Atlantic rainforest, full of wildlife in the mountains around Ubatuba.
  • Ubatuba Beaches - see below.

Ubatuba - Beaches and Islands

Ubatuba is surrounded by 74 beaches and 15 islands to explore and dive in. Some of the most popular beaches lie south of Ubatuba (distance from Ubatuba):

To the north of Ubatuba the beaches are harder to find, often hidden at the end of tracks down steep hills. Many of these are therefore quieter, and are good for body-boarding and surfing. Among the most popular are:

The most popular of the 15 islands off shore from Ubatuba are Ilha das Cabras (Goat Island), Ilha do Mar Virado (Island of the Turbulent Sea), Ilha dos Porcos (Island of Pigs) and the Ilha Anchieta. The former three offer excellent diving, while the latter is very popular for surfing.


Bus: Ubatuba is on the bus route that runs from Rio de Janeiro to Santos.
Flight: International Airport (GRU) at São Paulo City and then bus (4 hours transit).

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