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Science Museum

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Panorama taken outside the Science Museum in London.


Science Museum - London visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Science Museum' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Greater London.

The Science Museum is a major London attraction with information about everything from the development of agriculture to the space age. The Science Museum is on Exhibition Road just up from the Natural History Museum, next to the Earth Galleries and opposite the V&A Museum. While the exterior looks somewhat plain, inside you get feel like you have entered some kind of Tardis as the cavernous galleries open up before you.

The inside of the Science Museum is vast, with 6 floors filled with all sorts of activities and exhibits. You will find planes, rockets and engines. On the ground floor are functioning steam engines clunking away, a testament to Victorian engineering skills. A Musical bridge spans this gallery and weird sculptures made of every day materials are found within. The Science Museum contains 40 galleries housing some 300,000 exhibits covering almost every material and scientific development. These include the famous Stephenson's Rocket and Watson and Crick's DNA molecule and an Apollo 10 space rocket. The collection housed in the Science Museum started 1857 and continues to grow.

The Science Museum is reputed to hold the largest and most significant collection in the world about the development and use of science, technology, medicine and industry throughout history. About 1.6 million people visit each year making the Science Museum is one of the top ten tourist attractions in the UK. However at any one time only about 15% of the entire collection is on public display. Entrance to the Science Museum is free, but you will have to pay for the special temporary exhibitions.

Down in the Launch Bay (adults to be accompanied by kids) is a great array of hands on puzzles and experiments. Fancy a 2m soap bubble - then this is the place to head for! For slightly younger children the Garden, also in the basement, provides another interactive play area. If that is not enough, then discover the secrets of patterns on the ground floor. The Science Museum also contains an Imax Theatre with a continuous programme of shows. Got to the end of the day and don't want to go home? Why not arrange a sleepover in the Science Museum, an evening of fun and then the night in the museum itself.


Science Museum
Exhibition Rd
London, SW7
Phone: 0870 870 4868
Science Museum Website


Tube: South Kensington: (Circle, District, Piccadilly)

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