Tossals Verds

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This panorama shows a view over the valley and gorge leading up to the Tossals Verds hiking refuge from the car park. The walk takes 50 minutes and passes through lovely scenery as it winds up the mountains through ancient, terraced olive groves. Virtual tour taken mid September 2012.


Tossals Verds - Mallorca visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Tossals Verds' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360┬░ panoramas from Balearic Islands.

Tossals Verds lies in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains in the Escorca municipality of Mallorca, quite close to Alaro and Inca. It is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of dramatic landscapes, historical ruins and rare wildlife. The estate covers 578-hectares and at the heart is the 1115m high Puig de Tosslas Verds mountain, surrounded by deep valleys and stunning limestone gorges. The area is very popular for walking and lies on the GR-221 trail that covers 162Km of track and road through the mountains. Just to the south of the mountain is the Refugi de Tossals Verds, a hiking hut and restaurant capable of sleeping about 30 people.

Tossals Verds Walking

The area around Tossals Verds is popular year round, but especially in the spring when the almond trees are in blossom. Some popular walks in the area include:
  • Walk to Refugi de Tossals Verds - Taking about an hour to walk up from the car park along a river, through a stunning gorge and then winding through terraced, ancient olive groves.
  • Puig de Tossals Verds - 6 hour circular walk of moderate difficulty up to the top of the mountain and back down through S'Entreforc
  • Refugi de Tossals Verds to Castell d'Alar├│ - 10 mile walk taking about 4 hours ending up at the old castle overlooking Alero.
  • Tossals Verds - Muleta - Stage 6 (in reverse) of the GR-221 trail, this is a 28km long, 9 hour walk of difficult grade with an 870m descent from Coll de l'Ofre to Soller ending up at a refuge in Muleta.
  • Tossals Verds - Son Amer - Stage 7 of the GR-221 trail, this is a 15km, 5.5 hour walk of average grade that takes in the Coll des Prat and Puig d'en Galileu ending up at the hiking refuge in Son Amer.
  • Various around Tossals Verds Refuge - There are a number of circular and return routes that explore the area around the refuge itself, which can be anything from 15 min to several hours in length.


Refugi des Tossals Verds
Tossals Verds
Phone: 971173700
GR-221 Trail and pdf guide.


Car: The entrance to Tossals Verds park is about 11km from Alaro on the Ma-2210 and then a country lane which becomes an unpaved path ending at a small car park at Clot d'Almdra. It is 13.5Km from Inca on the Ma-13A, Ma-2110 and then country lane.
Walk: Refugi des Tossals Verds is about a hour walk from the car park. It is about 9 hours walk from Muleta (GR-221 Stage 6) and 5 hours from Son Amer (GR-221 Stage 7).

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