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Philippines - Introduction

The official name for the Philippines is the 'Republic of the Philippines', known in Filipino as 'Pilipinas' or 'Republika ng Pilipinas'. The Philippines are an archipelago made up of over 7,100 islands in southeast Asia. To the north is China and the island of Taiwan. Indonesia and Malaysia are to the south and Vietnam is to the east. To the west is the vast Pacific Ocean.

Though distinct, the culture has been heavily influenced by Spanish occupation from the 16C to the 20C followed by American occupation. The Philippines finally gained independance from America in 1946 following the Treaty of Manila which ended the Philippine-American War. Influence from Spain remains strong, Spanish was an official language until 1973 and much of the country is Roman Catholic. Today, the official languages are Filipino and English, but over 180 different language are spoken throughout the islands.

Philippines Map and Panoramas

This map of the Philippines shows the regions and areas where we have beautiful 360 panoramas taken around the country. Simply select a pin on the Google map of the Philippines to be taken to the region of interest. There you will be able to explore the Philippines in depth as each panorama is accompanied by some local and travel information. This collection of panoramic images is contributed by numerous photographers who have visited, or live in, the Philippines and presents a unique insight into the country. The collection will continue to grow as more panoramas of the sights and attractions in the Philippines are added in the future.

More information on the Philippines

The Philippine archipelago is made up of three island groups, known as Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, is on Luzon.

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