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Welcome to Europe, full of classical cities, fantastic countryside and endless possibilities to explore. Travel, Cities and Skiing: Interactive European Maps with Panoramas - a unique way to explore Europe.

'A picture speaks a thousand words.' Panoramic Earth contains hundreds of panoramas taken throughout Europe all linked to interactive maps. Alongside each photograph is a local description which together allows you to explore and learn about the amazing sights and history Europe has to offer through these virtual tours. Whether planning a holiday in Europe, or wanting to simply learn a little more about the destinations featured, Panoramic Earth has information about what is to be seen, where it is, and what other sights of interest are nearby.

The information and photographs are put together by members of Panoramic Earth, who are passionate about the places they have visited in their travels or live in. User reviews provided unbiased comments to help you plan your travel itinerary for your holiday, and explore the places of interest, sights and attractions waiting in Europe for you.

Cities and Towns of Europe

Many of the panoramas are from the cities and towns of Europe. There are literally hundreds of panoramic photographs from the classical and capital cities like London, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Budapest with more being added all the time. Many of the major sights, attractions and places of interest are covered. In addition you will find images and information about destinations off the beaten travel track should you want to explore the city further.

Tours of Ski Resorts

At present we cover a number of skiing resorts in Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland. These pages display a piste map with images from each resort. The skiing pages also contain resort information useful for skiers and other travelers alike. In a clear format you are able to gather the basic statistics (including altitude, number of runs etc.), ratings of any covered skiing area, transfer information to airports and a short review.

Notice for Travelers: European Health Insurance Card

Members of the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland are entitled to a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC allows visitors free or reduced-cost access to health care in member countries of the EU and some others including Switzerland and Norway. This is not a replacement for Travel Insurance.

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