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Welcome to the map and guide of the cities, towns or places of interest around Turkey in Europe. Here you will find links to maps, virtual tours and guides with 360° panoramas of various travel destinations, regions, cities and attractions in Turkey.

Alongside each virtual tour and panorama is a Google map and some local and travel information to help you explore plan and your trip to the top travel destinations in Turkey. This growing guide of Turkey uses images and information provided by independent travellers, giving you the fuller picture of the various sights, hotels and attractions.

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ISTANBUL | Istanbul


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Turkey forms the link between Europe and Asia, stretching from the Balkan region of southeastern Europe to the west along the Anatolian peninsula. Turkey shares international borders with Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. North of Turkey is the Black Sea, to the south is the Mediterranean Sea and to the west is the Aegean Sea. The Turkish Straits (the Bosporus and the Dardanelles) join the Black and Mediterranean Seas.

Turkey is a land of great antiquities, one of the oldest continually occupied land mas on Earth. Records of habitation stretch back through Biblical periods and beyond into prehistory. As a result the country is full of ancient sights. Turkey has always been the meeting point of European, Asian and Arabic cultures and this has left a mark historically on the cultures and archeology.

While the capital city of Turkey is Ankara, the largest and most famous city is Istanbul. It was here that the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires were based and is now a major tourist destination full of amazing historical buildings. Istanbul is also unique as it spans the Bosporus, thus crossing the continental border between Europe and Asia.

Turkish Turquoise Coast

The coastline around Dalaman is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. Here small towns line the deep coves and inlets found along the coast, backed by beautiful countryside and set in stunning bays with clear waters and pristine beaches. The Dalaman has excellent holiday opportunities, with pristine beaches and seas, ideal for fishing, sailing, snorkelling, boating, scuba diving or just the opportunity to lie in the sun and enjoy the rich local food.

Turkey Map and Guide

Map and Guide to Turkey. This map of Turkey shows a growing collection of 360 panoramas taken around the country by various panoramic photographers. Browse the various parts of Turkey featured by selecting a pin on the interactive map. The Turkey map, provided by Google, can be views as either a road map, terrain map, satellite images or even using the Google Earth plugin. The number of places in Turkey featured on the map will increase as more 360 panoramas are added to the collection.

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