Amateur Camera Insurance

Camera Insurance Policy for Amateur Photographers and Enthusiasts

The need for camera insurance

It is very important that you insure your camera equipment properly when you are out taking pictures in case of unforeseen eventualities. Many amateur photographers choose to extend their household insurance to cover their photographic equipment – after all it is just a hobby but you should take care to make sure you are covered properly if you choose to do this.

Adding equipment to a household policy

If you choose to do this then it is key to remember that should you have a claim for whatever reason, it will affect your renewal premium. You should also make sure that your Insurer knows what is being covered – far too many Insurance Companies believe that when you say “camera” you are referring to a compact "point and shoot" so if you have an expensive DSLR make sure they know it!
If you are insuring camera equipment worth more than £3,000 it is probably worth listing it too. Make sure you have it in writing from them it is covered – if they won't specifically say so then assume your camera equipment is not insured under their policy.

It is also worth remembering that usually household insurance policies are likely to take longer to respond in the event of a claim than camera insurance policies as they do not have the expertise in the industry / market.

Keeping clear of the Averaging Clause

There are important things to think about when covering equipment for example making sure you insure ALL of it. All Insurers operate a system called "averaging". This means that if you have a total loss claim and you have not insured all your equipment, then you will only get a proportion of the value back. For example, if you have £10,000 worth of equipment and only insure ½ of it – say £5,000 then under the averaging clause you should not expect to receive more than ½ of your claim back - £2,500. This is something that is not unique in just the photographic market so look out for it. If you have equipment that you don't want to insure as you don't use it and you feel it has no value then try and get rid of it – maybe on ebay.

Camera Insurance Policy

Aaduki's camera insurance policy is designed for the hobbyist and enthusiast. We insure all photographic equipment and ancillary items like laptops and printers if you have them, for all risks cover across the UK and Ireland. Our cover is "new for old" on any item you purchase new and 2nd hand value on any item you purchased 2nd hand. All new items with a replacement cost of £1,000 or more need to be listed along with all 2nd hand items.

Full theft cover

The Aaduki camera insurance policy covers you for "full theft". That means if you put your camera bag down, wipe your brow on that hot sunny day, and then reach down to pick up your bag and it has gone, you are covered under our policy. Watch out – some policies will only cover violent and forcible theft which is no good in the circumstances above!

Where is the cover provided?

This camera insurance policy will cover you anywhere in the UK and up to 60 days worldwide – that's 2 months on holiday and if you need more it can be extended for a small charge. We also have an Insurance Company that will offer unlimited worldwide cover although this costs more.

We will also provide cover for theft from unattended vehicles. Please check the specifics on this though as you should always be sure that you have the right insurance for what you are doing.

Earning income

This policy is designed exclusively for those photographers who are enthusiasts and hobbyists. It does not include any "working" where money is earned or expenses paid at all. For that, you should look at our professional and semi-professional policies.

Benefits of the Aaduki Amateur Camera Insurance Policy:

  • New for Old on new equipment purchased

  • Quick claims decisions

  • No effect on Household Contents policy

  • Specialist Insurance provider with unique knowledge

For further information you can call us at the office Mon – Fri between 9am and 5pm or get a quote online and download the details – it is that simple!

Cover online is available 24 hours a day so just click onto www.aaduki.com and away you go!

(all information contained within this article provided by Aaduki)

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