A Flavour of Fuerteventura

Travel article: Canary Islands & Fuerteventura

> A Flavour of Fuerteventura

Travel Article - Canary Islands & Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura has swiftly built itself as a sought after holiday destination, or so report some of the country's leading travel agents and agencies. Its southern coastline is adorned with sparkling white beaches, whilst along the northern stretch you will find the starker beauty of undulating sand dunes towards El Jable and Corralejo.

The second largest of the Canary Islands after Tenerife, Fuerteventura is also a hotspot for windsurfing as its coastlines are blessed with heady breezes straight from the west of Africa. Waves are at optimum surfing levels along the North and the East Coast and the North is also a favoured spot for snorkelling enthusiasts and those in search of a little peace and quiet are often delighted to discover the dainty fishing villages scattered along the North West, such as El Cotillo.

But aside from the landscapes, the water sports and the climate, Fuerteventura has another, little-reported trick up its sleeve in order to keep its visitors coming back for more, year after year after year, and that is its fine cuisine. A typical Fuerteventura dish is fresh and flavoursome, taking full advantage of the most accessible and affordable food resources available in the area: seafood.

Fish dishes, including sea bass, parrot fish, sword fish, shark meat, tuna fish, sea bream and canzon con mojo, are often served up with the locals' favourite hot and spicy sauce known as papas arrugadas and a generous serving of crunchy green vegetables. Shellfish is also big business in Fuerteventura and specialist dishes made with the freshest specimens can be found at almost all coastal restaurants.

Something to look out for is the local 'queso majorero' – goats cheese. In Fuerteventura, goats cheese is often rubbed with pimento giving it a delicious spicy kick, but you'll find that it comes in many different textures and flavours and once you've tried one you are bound to want more. If you are looking for a cheap meal on the island, simply head to a delicatessen and stock up on local cheeses, olives and bread. Simply add a bottle of wine or a keg of your favourite local beer and you've got yourself a perfect beachside picnic.

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