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The Maldives – A Dispersed Country

The tourist board in the Maldives invite holidaymakers to come to the island and experience 'the sunny side of life.' This is certainly an inviting prospect, and the island does not disappoint.

Located just across the equator, the climate is deliciously warm all year round. The Indian Ocean regulates the temperature somewhat, and you can expect to be treated to temperatures of seventy five Fahrenheit to ninety one Fahrenheit at various times of year. Home to gorgeous beaches, gentle turquoise seas and the myriad of coral reefs that surround the islands – as a holiday destination the Maldives take an awful lot of beating.

The Maldives is famous for being one of the most dispersed countries in the world. It's made up of nearly two thousand coral islands, differing massively in size and popularity. Only one hundred and eighty five of these islands are inhabited regularly. Many of the rest are used as holiday resorts. Perhaps in part because of this dispersion, the pace of life is much slower and more relaxed in the country. It's a perfect destination for holidaymakers looking for a real escape from the pressures of modern life.

Try sitting on one of the many beaches on offer, a cocktail in hand and a beautiful sunset filling the sky around you. Sound like heaven? This may well be as good as it gets! Retire from the beach in favour of one of the many elegant restaurants on offer. Due to the fact that up to ninety percent of the Maldives are made up of the ocean, one of the key local dishes is fish. However, the varied cultural make up of the country, and it's close proximity to both Sri Lanka and India, means that influences on the cuisine are varied and delicious!

There is a very wide choice of resorts to visit in The Maldives. Many of these resorts, like the Four Seasons Hotel, incorporate the very best of Maldivian land and sea to create a holiday never to be forgotten. The Four Seasons Hotel Maldives offers a variety of opportunities for holidaymakers, including two luxury resorts on the islands of Kuda Huraa and Landaa Giraavaru and a Four Seasons cruise ship. Holidaymakers across The Maldives are invited to create the perfect holiday for themselves in the delightful country.

During your stay in the country, you'll notice that the culture of the country is heavily influenced by the nearby countries of Sri Lanka and India. For a long period of the country's history the majority of the population were Buddhist, but Islam was introduced in the mid twelve century and since then much of the Maldivian people have been Islamic. This history can be seen very clearly throughout the country, with beautiful modern and ancient mosques beside the ruins of Buddhist temples.

As well as 'the sunny side of life' – The Maldives also offers holiday makers an enchanting mix of cuisine, culture and history.

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